Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello All,

Sorry I have been unable to post the past few weeks. From the earthquake, Hurricane, loss of power of 4 days and getting poison ivy, I really needed a breather. I think my family is just now getting back to the swing of things. I hope things calm down for a bit. Although with all the excitement we still feel blessed and our hearts go out to those who were less fortunate.

This weekend I have been busy with making Christmas cards, which I have to post. Before all the excitement I wanted to post some other projects. My internet connection was really slow last night, so I did not mess with it. I have a couple errands to do this morning and I plan on coming back and posting later today. My plan is to schedule posts for the next two weeks. Thanks for being so understanding.

Until later – Have a great morning!

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  1. So sorry to hear about all your difficulties with the earthquake and hurricane, but glad you are doing better now. Take care.